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ChatGPT for your team

Share and collaborate with ChatGPT and your whole team

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Free personal account with 25/msgs per day. Pro plan is $20/month per user.
  • Realtime "Google Docs" collaboration with ChatGPT
  • Privacy for your data that exceeds regular ChatGPT
  • Assistants to help you with every type of task
  • Organize chats into folders
  • Share chats and folders with your team
  • Save prompts to a shared team prompt library
  • Undo last message to edit and regenerate
  • Export chat history as .json or .txt
  • Markdown and code syntax highlighting
"This is elite. It's google docs collaboration for ChatGPT!"
Braden Dennis
"Absolutely LOVE THIS."
Jonathan Siegel

Collaborate together in realtime with ChatGPT

Experience "Google Docs" style realtime collaboration with ChatGPT. Start and share conversations, work together in realtime.

Multiple people can join the chat with ChatGPT

Everyone sees responses from ChatGPT in realtime

Securely share conversations with your team

Assistants to help you with everything

Assistants let you customise the prompt, language, tone and style of ChatGPT. Over a dozen powerful assistants are included, and you can create your own.

Access powerful assistants for every use case

Create custom assistants for your team and use cases

Customise prompt, language, tone and style

Specify output formats like table, list, code or json

Organize chats into shared folders

Not only can you share chats with your team, but you can organize them into helpful folders.

Create folders that are shared with your team

Seamlessly move private chats into folders

Keep everything manageable and organized



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Single user usage

Use preset Assistants

Create custom prompts

25/msgs per day

30 day history


Access Pro features, including team collaboration and custom assistants.


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Access ChatGPT, plus more models coming soon

Access GPT-4 using your OpenAI API key (OpenAI invite required)

Invite members and collaborate in realtime

Unlimited messages

Unlimited history

Shared folders

Create custom Assistants

Export chats to txt or json

Web search plugin (coming soon)


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Custom domain and branding

Custom models fine-tuned with your data

Sign sign-on and access controls

Monitor company wide ChatGPT usage